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Legislative Lobbying, Regulatory Education, Advocacy Opportunities

CAA supports the sustainability of the cardiovascular professional regardless of practice setting. CAA educates the cardiovascular community about regulatory and legislative issues that affect the ability to provide all services necessary for high-quality cardiac care. CAA represents the common interests of the cardiovascular patient and professional and encourages its members to advocate for their patients, their practices, and their profession.

Message from the President

What a complicated business this has become, and there is no end in sight! Navigating the convoluted Stark laws, managing overhead and physician compensation plans, and adjusting to (or dodging) the latest imaging and annual SGR rate cuts were among our biggest challenges in years past. Now, CMS and many private payers are pushing us inexorably toward value-based reimbursement, and are making it incredibly complex and difficult to understand.

Where does it end, and what will our cardiovascular world look like in the next five years and beyond?  None of us have the answer, but you can be sure that CAA will be in the thick of things lending its voice and exerting its influence in all legislative and regulatory matters pertaining to our cardiac practices and hospital service lines.  Whether you’re part of a fiercely independent group or are fully integrated with a hospital system, CAA advocates on behalf of all practicing cardiac physicians through its eminently qualified and widely connected Washington-based lobbyist, its regular member visits to Capitol Hill, and its continuous responses to sought-after opinions on all matters pertaining to the private practice of cardiovascular medicine. But, truly effective advocacy requires more than just joining CAA.

You and your administrative staff must learn how your elected officials view the issues that impact your daily practice lives.  This means meeting with and developing relationships with your state and federal representatives, and yes, even financially supporting those who are of like mind.  As CAA’s medical director, Dr. Mark Victor, states, “We must be shameless advocates for our patients.  That means we need to actively challenge each and every intrusion into our professionalism.  Don’t accept the status quo!  Anything, everything is possible when like-minded professionals work together.  Make your voice heard!” 


Patrick Holloway

COO, Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians


Political Action Committee

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Physician Testimonials

“As an independent physician group, New Mexico Heart Institute needs to keep a close eye on critical developments in a fast changing regulatory landscape. CAA is one of our most critical tools to watch and influence the changes in Washington that affect us everyday. Every cardiology group would benefit from this kind of insight and assistance.”

Sean Mazer, MD, FHRS, FACC
New Mexico Heart Institute
Albuquerque, NM


"At a recent ACC meeting, the head of MedPac rewrote history. He claimed that physicians and hospitals (without the prompting of the practice closing 2010 fee schedule) conspired to join forces to take advantage of provider based billing. No mention was made of the fact that neither the hospitals nor physicians wanted integration. Instead a narrative of provider greed was discussed and held accountable for a 2.3 billion dollar expense to CMS. This is the narrative going to Congress to now cut provider billing as well as get rid of IOASE. It's our fault; CMS has no role. Without advocacy the real story is never discussed and providers are ping ponged from one poorly thought out policy to the next. CAA is a reasoned consistent voice that has the respect of the legislators. It is important to keep supporting CAA if you want to be heard instead if being hearded."

Matt Phillips, MD, FACC
Austin Heart
Austin, TX

“Over my 33 year career I have witnessed an unimaginable change in the practice of medicine. As cardiologists, we set the standards for the concepts behind evidence-based large scale clinical trials that ultimately lead to a revolution in care delivery. We have together succeeded in improving not only the quality of care, but also have been able to reduce admissions, procedures and most of all, mortality. We need to actively challenge each and every intrusion into our professionalism. The CAA (Cardiology Advocacy Alliance) has been our practice’s choice as the vehicle where we can learn, advocate, and educate. Advocacy starts locally and evolves globally. Learn how your elected officials view the issues we face – be part of the solution - be involved – JOIN CAA!

Mark Victor, MD
Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA


"Without the ability to do in office testing on my referrals, it would cause the patient another trip to the testing facility and delay the diagnosis.  One is inconvenient and the other potentially dangerous".

S.W. Thomas, MD, FACC
Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists
Richmond, VA



Patrick Holloway
Board President
Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians
Oklahoma City, OK

Jeffrey Russell

Renown Institute for Heart and Vascular Health
Reno, NV

Mark Victor, MD
Vice President, Medical Affairs

Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Tim Higgins
Membership Committee Chairman

Norton Cardiovascular Associates
Louisville, KY

Peter Jannelli
Communications Committee Chairman

Cardiology Consultant of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Board of Directors

Cathie Biga
Past President
Cardiovascular Management of Illinois
Woodbridge, IL

Ann Honeycutt
Past President
Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists
Richmond, VA

Jerry Blackwell, MD
Wellmont CVA Heart Institute
Kingsport, TN

Tim Logemann, MD
Aspirus Cardiovascular Associates
Rhinelander, WI

Norman Risinger, MD
Austin Heart
Austin, TX

Michael Foster, MD
South Carolina Heart Center
Columba, SC

Craig Strauss, MD
Minneapolis Heart Institute
Minneapolis, MN

Keith Ende
Aspirus Cardiovascular Associates
Rhinelander, WI

Richard Lockwood
Dallas, TX

Pat White
South Lyon, MI

Organizational Support

Marshall Brachman
Washington, DC

Management Services Provider
Neptune Beach, FL